Latex and Nitrile

QUOVO Gloves are designed to have a comfortable and secure fit for every user. Perfect for both general protection and clinical procedures. Our gloves are designed to suit every need. The easy fit and durability of our gloves make them an easy option when deciding on what gloves to choose.

Level 1 and 2 masks available. Level 3 coming soon

QUOVO Face Masks and Respirators are designed to help with preventing the spread of infections. Our range of masks vary in degrees of protectiveness and are suitable for various purposes in the clinical and medical environment. Our masks are available with ear loops to secure them.

We are a division of Omni-Tel Pty Ltd, a South Australian company specialising in the manufacturing and sale of clinical consumables, such as gloves, dental bibs, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for hospitals, nursing homes, medical practices and dental clinics. We strive to supply our customers with quality products to meet their needs. 

Latex Gloves

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