Studying dentistry? The ADSA has got you covered!

Are you studying oral health in Adelaide? 

Did you know that there is a national body designed to make your life easier by ensuring you stay on top of everything oral health related? 

Well there is- the Australian Dental Students Association (ADSA) is a national body enhancing the sense of community between dentistry students. Through managing communication within the network of oral health schools, ADSA aims to provide ease the transition for students’ entering the professional world of dentistry.  

The ADSA Convention

ADSA hosted its yearly week-long convention in Adelaide last week, providing students with a range of workshops, networking opportunities and guest speaker events. Not only did ADSA have professional bases covered, but social events such as a gala night, a wine tour and a pub crawl were sorted!

Where do I join?

No matter which school you attend, the ADSA committee is run by students who attend universities all over Australia, including:

  • The University of Adelaide

  • Central Queensland University

  • The University of Sydney

  • The University of Western Australia          disposable dental bibs

If you’re interested in becoming an ADSA member, you can sign up at using the following link: https://adsa.org.au/members