Protect yourself against the most dangerous flu season in years

With the latest SA Health summary release, the amount of Influenza virus notifications in South Australia is at 15,648- more than 11 times the number of cases this time last year.  dental supplies

As seen in the graph, the 2019 flu season is rapidly becoming the most intense flu season South Australia has seen in years. 

The startling figures released by SA Health indicate this vaccine preventable disease is the most fatal it has been in years. There have been thirty-five reported deaths from the outbreak, leading to encouragement from SA Health to take advantage of Influenza vaccines.


Am I eligible for free immunisation?

The following are some of the parties able to receive free influenza vaccines (for a full list, see SA Health website):

  • Individuals over the age 65

  • Pregnant women

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders above the age of 6 months

  • Medically at-risk people above the age of 6 months


Where can I get immunised?

Various locations around South Australia offer immunisation programs including:

  • General practitioner clinics

  • Community health centres

  • Approved pharmacies

  • Aboriginal health centres 

In addition to these parties, SA Health is firmly encouraging all individuals who work closely with vulnerable individuals (health care, nursing home workers) to organise an appointment for the vaccine as soon as possible.




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