QUOVO donates to Resthaven

Today, the QUOVO team went to Resthaven in Adelaide. We went to donate some of our amazing product to assist Resthaven in meeting the state government requirements to protect residents and staff. As a South Australian company, we are always looking to help our local community. 


Resthaven, like all residential care homes, has had to change the way they offer care in 2020. In September, Premier Steven Marshall announced changes that affected the way all residential care homes operate. These changes require that all doctors, nurses and allied health workers wear PPE when they are within 1.5 metres of a resident. While residential safety is the highest priority, we understand that the burden of these changes has fallen on the providers. To assist with preparation, QUOVO gave 100 face shields and 2000 masks to Resthaven.

Resthaven Chief Executive Officer, Darren Birbeck, noted, “Due to the current global pandemic, aged care providers have had to adapt and change to the circumstances and ensure all requirements of managing COVID-19 are followed. Personal protective equipment (PPE), such as surgical face masks, have been required to be worn by clinical and care staff as part of the SA Emergency Management Direction for Residential Aged Care when a distance of 1.5 metres cannot be maintained between staff and a resident. This requirement is currently adding considerably to the cost of providing these surgical masks, so we are delighted to receive this donation of PPE from QUOVO.”

If you have found that you are short on any PPE supplies, no matter what sector you’re in, let us know.


The QUOVO team.