The dentist - just how often should you be booking a check up with yours?

Well- that answer varies depending on who you ask. Throughout the years, different studies have generated an array of answers. dental bibs

2003 NHR research found that whilst certain studies indicate a strong relationship between visiting the dentist and healthy teeth, an equal amount of studies reveal there is no correlation between the two. 

Certain dentists recommend every 6 months whilst others say that if you are looking after your gums- a visit once every 2 years is all you need. dental supplies

So there is no perfect number on how often to visit the dentist. If you want to figure out how often you should be having check ups, your best option is to organise an appointment with your local clinic and get a tailored answer to suit your needs! 

Where is my local dentist?

Many websites provide databases as to your nearest dentist to match your urgency of appointment including:

Don’t risk tooth decay, mouth sores or other oral diseases- organise an appointment with your dentist today! 


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